Spring Virtual Kubb League - April 2019
Spring 2019 1v1 Virtual Kubb League

Details: 1v1 virtual Kubb league limited to 16 players.
Cost: Free!!
Registration: Email keystonekubb@gmail.com. Registration is now closed. Registered Players
Regular Season: Starts on April 13th, 2019 and will consist of 6 weeks of qualification matches (best of 3 games).
Playoffs: Players will be placed into a 3-4 week bracket based on regular season standings.

What is a virtual Kubb league?

Typically Kubb leagues meet weekly at a common time/place a play a match against another team in the league. Players/teams acquire points toward a regular season league champion. After the 6 week regular season the teams are placed in a bracket for a league tournament. With Kubb being a newer sport here in PA the challenge of a league has always been getting enough local teams/players in the same location. With a virtual league there's no need for teams/players to be in the same geographic region because matches are played on each team/players home pitch with the results of each turn communicated via KubbTracker.com.

Here's how it works:

All in match communication will be done with KubbTracker.com which allows opposing players to enter all of the details of their turns and receive text updates when their opponent has finished their turn. Once all of the teams/players are registered, the week's matches will be generated and posted here at keystonekubb.com.

Teams/players then connect w/ their opponent and schedule a time in which they will play that week's match. Each team has 1 week to complete their match.

At the agreed apon date/time both teams set up their pitch, start the match on KubbTracker.com and enter the results of their king lag. The winning team then throws first in the typical 2-4-6 opening. Once Kubbs are in play the Kubbs are grouped on the opposite side of the pitch and set up defensively as if you were the opponent. After each turn the team that completed their turn enters all of the turn details into the match using KubbTracker.com such as how many additional base kubbs are now in play, or how many field kubbs are left standing and where the advantage line is, or if the turn resulted in a game win.

Matches consist of best of 3 games with teams getting 1 point for each game they win. All match results will be recorded in the Keystone Kubb VKL league on KubbTracker.com automatically.

League standings and the next week's matches will be updated weekly.

After a 6 week regular season, teams will be entered into a virtual tournament with seeds based on the regular season standings.